Bruny Island shop

You can also find our products on Bruny Island!

We’re at 2184 Main Rd Bruny Island, Great Bay, Bruny Island, and we’re open 7 days – 10am till 4pm (April till September), 9am till 5pm (October till March).

We have have been collecting honey from Bruny Island for over 20 years; currently we have about 400 hives on the island.

The bees are moved around the island at different times of the year to follow the nectar flows: Prickly Box in the North of the Island; Manuka around the Great Bay, Neck area; Bush honey all over, depending on the flowing of the eucalyptus, and; Leatherwood from Mount Mangana.

We take the  bees to pollinate the Black Devil Cherry Orchard in September / October every year.

Bruny Island Honey complements the established “food trail” on Bruny – cheese, oysters, berries, wine, fudge, whisky, and honey!

For now, our products are housed in a converted container, but keep your eye out for a new development.