Bruny Island

You won’t get Manuka honey much more direct from the source than this!

 Sweetest Spot On Bruny Island!

We have have been collecting honey from Bruny Island for over 20 years; currently we have about 400 hives on the island.

The bees are moved around the island at different times of the year to follow the nectar flows: Prickly Box in the North of the Island; Manuka around the Great Bay, Neck area; Bush honey all over, depending on the flowing of the eucalyptus, and; Leatherwood from Mount Mangana.

We take the  bees to pollinate the Black Devil Cherry Orchard in September / October every year.

Bruny Island Honey complements the established “food trail” on Bruny – cheese, oysters, berries, wine, fudge, whisky, and honey!

We thought it made sense to have an outlet close to the source. We’re open 7 days – 10am till 4pm (April till September), 9am till 5pm (October till March). We’re at 2184 Main Rd Bruny Island, Great Bay.

  • Honey sales
  • Free tastings
  • Live beehive display
  • Manuka & Beeswax skincare products
  • Honey treats

& more!